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Voice of a Superpower
by Steven Kull

Foreign Policy

Survey Says: Americans Back Arms Control
by Steven Kull

Arms Control Today

Misperceptions, the Media and the Iraq War
by Steven Kull, Clay Ramsay and Evan Lewis

Political Science Quarterly

What Americans Think About Farm Subsidies
by Steven Kull

The Globalist Daily Online Magazine

Media Coverage of Weapons of Mass Destruction[PDF 1MB]
by Susan D. Moeller

Philip Merrill College of Journalism,
University of Maryland, College Park

Public Opinion on Foreign Policy:
The Multilateral Public that Perceives Itself as Unilateral

by Alexander Todorov

Published by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

The Reasonable Public and the Polarized Policy Process
by I.M. Destler
from the 2001 Rowman & Littlefield publication
(for the Council on Foreign Relations)

from the The Real and the Ideal: Essays on International Relations in Honor of Richard H. Ullman

Vox Americani:
An interview with the American public

by Steven Kull
(Foreign Policy, September/October 2001)

Public Wants Federal Government to Play Active, But Not Punitive, Role in Strengthening Public Schools - October 2000
-Education Brief


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